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Development Solutions

  • Windows-Based Development Windows based application development is available for most clients, depending on the budget and scope of the project. Windows application development are typically structured around the project objectives and deployment use criteria. In other words, we address each project as a unique development case and address the best design solutions to meet initial and ongoing development requirements.
  • Web-Based Development Web-based development solutions are also addressed as a unique development case simply because most clients have unique application requirements or deployment requirements that must be met. We have developed a variety of utilities, marketing solutions, complete web-site solutions and other applications for our clients. Most are in provate use and a few are in commercial use now.
  • Mobile App Development We can, and often do, offer Mobile application development services to our clients. In most cases, we proto-type a complete Web-based solution before we consider any migration into Mobile. The reason is simple, mobile development can become costly and unless the application has proven to support a functional business model, then we
  • eSignal EFS Trading Script Development eSignal EFS script development is often the fastest and most efficient way to create and deploy advanced prototype trading strategies in backtest and full automation mode. The benefit is that eSignal provides a functional platform for limited deployment solution that allows most strategy builders the ability to explore, refine and automate their solutions very quickly and cheaply. Compared to developing advanced solutions in other platforms, eSignal development is often less than 50% the cost and time of other platforms. We can often create a complete solution in less than one or two weeks.
  • AlgoTerminal Development AlgoTerminal is a more robust and professional trading platform with more cabilities and features than eSignal. It is designed for use by Hedge Funds, Prop Trading Desks and Professional Algo Traders. When you are ready for this solution and custom development, we have the skills to take your existing project, or any new project, and professional develop/deploy it with AlgoTerminal. We have been working with this platform for over a year and have a detailed working understanding of the language and automation requirements.
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