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You've found our eSignal EFS Utilities page. This page lists all of the available eSignal utilities we currently offer. All of these indicators are available on a "Trial Basis" - so simply select the utilities you want, then click on "Trial". Next, fill in the required information (use the DOWNARROW if you have already signed up for a trial to speed thru the process) and SUBMIT your trial request. Then, simply download and install the application - it should be ready to go.

Notice: the eSignal "Username" you enter when completing the "Trial Application Form" is what allows the EFS programs to run on your computer. If you make a mistake, you may have to wait for our support department to fix your entry.

New for 2010
MENT App Pack 1 : The beginning of our quest to teach you how to trade.
TT Charger : M2 or V1
AWTS : Complete autotrading with EFS/IB/MTS
Leann V5 NT : Complete autotrading with EFS/NinjaTrader
Ava Custom V1
The OnePunch System
MENT EFS Web-Protection Service (Enablement)

The MENT EFS Protection Service is a FREE service for EFS developers (up to 25 users) and is subscription based for additional users. It allows you to quickly and easily enable/disable users at will for your eSignal EFS applications. It even includes a "Trail" feature so you can offer your EFS studies/indicators on a "Free Trial" to your clients. Just link our utility to your site and it is all automatic.

MENT EFS Web-Protection App (Enablement)
If you run your business and want to control all of the enablement features for your users (from your own web server), we have the solutions for you. The MENT EFS Protection Application installs onto your web server and allows for unlimited users/applications. It allows you to quickly and easily enable/disable users at will for your eSignal EFS applications. It all runs from your server - so you control all of it. Custom development of this application can be added to meet your requirements.
MENT Trader Services

MENT Trader Services (MENTTS) is the "Universal Plug-in for Order Routing/Execution" - see the MENTTS Brochure. It was developed for the specific needs of professional system traders, developers, hedge funds and managed accounts. It allows anyone to quickly and easily build an automated trading system or "black-box".

MENT ClickTrader
a Month

ClickTrader is a point-n-click trading utility for eSignal and IB. It provides complete capability to trade directly from the charts.

If you trade with eSignal and IB, then this is the tool you've been waiting for. It comes with everything you need to start firing orders directly from the chart.

MENT Multi-Data View Window (MDVW)

This utility for esignal is an essential tool for developers, EFS power-users and users that follow many different symbols each day. This utility allows EFS developer/writers to create custom solutions that write/update data into the MDVW application. Thus, the MDVW application acts as a "real-time, multi-symbol EFS status reporting tool". Any type of data can be reported back to the MDVW application (variables, text, control logic). This is a perfect solution for power esignal users.

>> Download <<

MENT Speech for eSignal

Add human speech to your esignal applications. This unique EFS file will read the closing price of each bar to you when the bar completes. This application uses multiple wav files to string together an accurate price reading. This application is FREE for all to use.

>> Download <<



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