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October 14, 2017 : Matheny Enterprises Signs Joint Venture Agreement with

Matheny Enterprises has recently signed a Joint Venture/Partnership contract with Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders Ltd. ( to provide a range of professional solutions as a development/support partner. Over the past 4+ years, Matheny Enterprises has, in some form or another, continued to support Mr. Vermeulen and his enterprises with software development, utility solutions and other resources.

Matheny Enterprises was asked to become a Joint Venture partner with The Technical Traders Ltd. after Mr. Vermeulen was confident that Matheny Enterprises had become an essential research and development partner for his enterprises and after both MR. Vermeulen and Mr. Matheny had already established a strong professional working relationship.

The scope of work on this project includes :
  • Developing New & Trading Strategies, Price Modeling Systems and Other Software Tools Matheny Enterprises will continue to develop advanced trading strategy tools, price modeling tools, research tools and more for use by both Matheny Enterprises and The Technical Traders Ltd.

  • Financial Market Research & Analysis Matheny Enterprises will support The Technical Traders Ltd. by providing advance market research and analysis, market timing tools, detailed market reports and research as well as by providing ongoing access to advanced market timing/modeling tools.

  • Development of Client-side Solutions Matheny Enterprises will continue to assist The Technical Traders Ltd. with ongoing deployment and development of client-side solutions to continue to improve and expand the client services and capabilities offered by The Technical Traders Ltd.

  • Ongoing Support and Technical Guidance Matheny Enterprises will continue to support The Technical Traders Ltd. going forward with continued updates, modifications, improvements and other technical consulting related services to assist in achieving their objectives.