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Currently, all of our products are associated with our website services, subscriptions, content and digital products. We are in a unique field in the sense that nearly everything we do is delivered to our clients digitally. At this time, we do not have any intent manufacturer, distribute or otherwise resell any real physical products - although that may change in the future.

Product Details

Below, you will find a brief description of our current products and domain resources for our customers. These sources deliver all of our digital products and content to our clients.

  •   The Xennial Millionaire - Available as with any TradeTank.com membership level
  •   TradeTank.com - Our premiere research & analytical webite providing proprietary trading signals, reaearch, analysis and more
  •   EFS-Tools.com - Our dedicated eSignal EFS development support site including our EFS Developers Guild
  •   The Technical Traders Ltd - Our partner site where members receive dedicated Daily and Weekly major market swing trading research and alerts
  •   Active Trading Partners - Our partner site where members receive Daily and Realtime trading signals, research, analysis, alerts and more.
  •   AlgoTrades.net - Our partner site where members are able to participate in fully automated Algo Trading Solutions

Ment.com Services

Our services are separated into two components to better serve our clients; Custom Software Development and Business Consulting.

Custom Software Development

Our software development services specialize in the creation and deployment of highly specialized algorithmic modeling and fully automated trading applications. Our clients are from all over the globe and find us because of our specialty services and because we can prototype a fully automated trading application in under 2~3 days (given the type and complexity of the project). This makes us uniquely suited to assisting clients in developing and forward testing algorithmic trading solutions very quickly and painlessly.

We generally support the eSignal trading platform and the AlgoTerminal trading platform for prototyping and advanced deployment of trading strategies/algos. There is a difference between early stage development/testing and larger scale algo deployment/management. This is why we focus on both of these industry standard trading platforms - we can service any level of client's needs using either of these two platforms.

Within the scope of algorithmic modeling and automated trading strategies, the process is rather simple. First, we develop a functional backtesting strategy and test it. Next, we develop the initial automation strategy from the backtesting strategy and test it. Lastly, we develop scal and scope features to allow the user to adequately deploy the automated solution. Please review the information found here for more information : Expert Development.

Business Consulting

Over the past 30+ years, we have run and been partners in a number of business ventures ranging from consulting services firms to Fintech startups. I found that a number of my friends and associates would come to me when they were setting up, starting or reviewing a business venture for my opinions and suggestions. This is how I started operating as a business consultant - I found that people wanted to hear my ideas and opinions because it helped them make better decisions.

Part of the process in providing accurate, timely business consulting is listening to the business owners and managers in understanding their objectives and perceived obstacles. It is this information that is critical for us to understand the Daily working operations within a business and to determine if processes and people are adequately involved/informed. After this task is completed, we then conduct detailed research regarding the type of business, target demographics, local and national competition and market viability analysis to determine if the objectives are realistic and achievable. The process of helping a business understand potential, objectives, obstacles and other growth inhibiting issues is not easy. The path we undertake to achieve a plan for success often includes :

  •   Financial Evaluation - Evaluate current and past financial/P&L details
  •   Product/Service Demgraphic Analysis - Evaluate Product/Service demographic composition and viability
  •   Business Process Analysis - Evaluate business operations process and efficiency
  •   Business Objectives Analysis - Evaluate the current and future business objectives and plans
  •   Long-Term Viability Anlysis - Develop a long-term business viability analysis and develop suggestions for improvement
  •   Final Analysis Report - Deliver our final analysis including solutions and suggestions for future success

Not every business is capable of long term success. The most common issues resulting in failure is lack of funding, failure of process/people, failure to adapt to changing market demographics and failure to properly understand the value of the products/services. People become emotional about a business they own/operate. It becomes an extension of themselves and they often fail to see their own mistakes while trying to keep the door open in the business. In our opinion, a business is a process or function of an existing desire or desires. People start business ventures to satisfy something internally or externally and often lose focus on that "vision" as they get wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Finding and rekindling that passion, that drive, that one or two things that drove the business owner to start-up this business in the first place is often key to developing a proper pathway forward. Opportunities exist in almost everything. Being able to identify these opportunities and being able to take advantage of them is key to developing organic growth. When a business is running properly, customers should provide answers to the business owner in terms of understanding and developing new opportunities.

Develop efficient processes and potential for Organic Growth

Today, I consult with a number of technology and manufacturing firms to assist them with their business plans and objectives. I like to think I can address almost any issues or objectives these people want to improve upon. I know what I'm capable of achieving and I know how to get things done. If you want to discuss your business, opportunities or are in need of a fresh review of your business operations, then maybe I can help? I can't promise you success because it all comes down to how well you execute and how efficient you become as understanding the dynamic processes of running a business.

Contact me if you are in need of my assistance and I'll offer one our free consultation to discuss your business objectives.

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