Matheny Enterprises Experience

30+ Years Of Entrepreneurial Spirit

Starting in the early 1980s...

Early Skills

Somewhere near 1980, I was introduced to an early Apple personal computer system. After a few weeks, I was writing Applesoft BASIC applications and teaching others how to use the computer. I was still in High-School.

Within the next 2+ years, I had learned to program in Bacis, Pascal & Fortran while gaining experience with multiple Apple computers and the infamous RadioShack TRS-80.

Early Consulting Services

After graduating High School, I attended the local community college (focused on Business, Accounting & Computer Science) while working a variety of jobs. My original plan was to become an Acrhitect. After I found out how difficult it was to break into this field with little formal education, I took a job in the retail software sector selling and supporting the fledgling software industry. It was an exciting time with multiple systems being available (IBM, Apple, RadioShack, Commadore, Atari and others). I quickly started getting asked to help people, at their homes or business, in setting up and learning their new computer systems. This started my consulting business because as soon as I would complete one job, that client would tell his/her friends and I would have 4 new jobs lined up.

The other thing this type of work taught me was to adapt quickly to the different requests and needs of different clients. I never knew what I was walking into with requests like "can I save my recipes?" or "can it balance my checkbook?". Every client was different and had different needs.

Custom Software Development

It didn't take long for clients to start asking for custom software solutions. The most simple request was a DOS based Menu System to navigate their computers more easily. More complex requests came from business clients and enterprises. Soon, I had left the retail software store and started my own computer consulting company. I was traveling all over Southern California working for all types of business and industries while taking on custom software development projects when they happened.

Then, in 1989, one of my existing clients called me to ask about a very interesting project. This gentleman ran a futures trading company and had gotten very early information regarding the study and implementation of Japanese Candlestick Theory. He called me to his office to ask if I could develop a software program to identify, recognize and extrapolate proper meaning for these patterns. Instinctually, I answered "sure I can - they are just mathematic patterns". But little did I know I was taking on an early stage project that required the development of a modified Artificially Intelligent Inference Engine.

By the end of 1990, we were demonstrating The Candlestick Forecaster software project to a bunch of futures traders in Kansas. By 1991, we were established in the industry as the only software product in the world to accurately identify Japanese Candlestick patterns while delivering accurate and proper "meaning & proper action". This was the AI Inference engine we built at work. We could accurately predict the next 3~10 trading days with our system with a 60~75% accuracy.

International Business Success & Failure

Over the next 6+ years, International Pacific Trading Company grew into a successful software company with distributors all over the world. My partner and I were considered experts in the field of Japanese Candlesticks and were asked to travel and speak at numerous conventions and specialized events. We learned how to do all of this by making mistakes, learning from our errors and learning what worked. It was never easy and took very long hours (especially under a deadline). This is called "the school of hard knocks" - life or die by your own success or failure.

By the time we entered into an expansion phase where we were converting the software into specific languages to support Chinese and Bahasa distributors, my partner and I had reached an end. We couldn't work together any longer as we were on separate paths. So, I walked away from that business and left it for him to run while I went back to consulting/programming. This was near the end of 1997.

Consulting, Development & Partnerships

At this point in my life, I was hungry to build success on my own and didn't want to involve partners or co-workers. I had setup my life so I could work as hard and long as I wanted developing software and consulting like I used to do while keeping my expenses contained. Within a year, I was asked to develop some specialized trading systems for a client in Seattle, WA. Soon, he became one of my best and longest clients at the time. Soon after that, I became specialized in developing fully automated trading systems using the eSignal application. Within a few years, I was working on 5~10 projects at a time developing fully automated strategies and specialized modeling/Biasing systems for different clients.

Since 2000, I have focused my efforts on developing high-end fully automated trading systems for clients that want to build specialized Algo trading solutions. In this field, developing an external platform to prototype an automated Algo trading strategy can cost upwards of $30~100k. My specialty was being able to prototype the same solution in a specialized platform for 1/10th the cost. This allowed the clients to PROVE their projects worked while saving them thousands in costs.

Most recently, I have been hired by other Fintech, financial, software, manufacturing and partner firms, because of my skills and abilities, to deliver custom software solutions, market research and business consulting services to assist them in growing and managing their active clients. I'm still developing code for my existing clients and I still enjoy that side of the business, but I am also actively engaged in a number of partner projects and projects of my own. I still consult with a number of specialized clients and I'm actively involved in the development and management of a number of startups. My job is to "get it done" and to advise my partners in terms of technology, strategy deployment, business operations and future objectives.

Currently, I have a small, dedicated team of professional software developers and business associates I rely upon for their expert services and skills. This team is the core element of my ambitions to develop larger membership services centered around my advanced price modeling/strategy solutions. It really does take a small team to achieve greater success and it really does help to know the right people to get the job done.

Overall Experience

I believe I have a very unique skill set and vast experience in business operations, software development, project management, trading techniques and strategies, strategy automation, people skills, sales, problem solving, research & analytics and more. I like to say I've never met a problem that I was not eager to solve. I've learned that value, determination & commonsense can often drive success. I've also learned that failing to understand risks, processes and expectations can lead to dramatic failures.

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