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July 14, 2018 : Matheny Enterprises Launches LiveTrades, and Solutions

Matheny Enterprises, On July 14th, announced the launch of new solutions for traders including MENT LiveTrades, and a restructured Each of these solutions are unique in content, service and client base.

The objective of this launch is to further our efforts to expand our product/services offers for our clients and to expand the trader, investor and beginner services/solutions capabilities of our business. We know we are capable of delivering much more than just custom programming services and business services. The release of these new tools and services for our clients allows us to expand our capabilities, services, value and customer loyalty by creating new solutions to the existing wants and desires of our clients.

The scope of announcement includes :
  • Ment Live Trades An algo-based End-Of-Day trading signal solution for active and skilled traders covering ETFs, Equities, Futures and more. Forex pairs will be added soon.

  • (Xennial Millionaire Project) is a landing page that is designed to assist new subscribers in understanding and valuing the opportunity we are presenting to them. By better understanding the value of the Xennial Millionaire Project, we believe our future clients will be able to achieve greater success and education through the use and deployment of the tools we are offering them. The objective of the Xennial Millionaire project is to assist young and old, experienced or beginner enterpreneurs and professionals in developing success skills in their lives as well as learning to execute success strategies. Simply put, it is designed to help people find, create, manage and execute for greater success in their lives.

  • has been around for move than a decade and we wanted to give it a new look and refocus the content of this site to deliver value to our clients. The new web site template as well as the new content solution that drives the subscriber data is an incredible solution for people that want to learn to create, manage and deploy automated and semi-automated algo strategies and price modeling systems for trading/investing. That is the entire purpose of - to build a community of people that want to join, explore, build and deploy custom algo strategies and modeling systems as a team.

  • Super Saver Coupon (Save 10%) Matheny Enterprises Has offered a Super Saver Coupon (10% discount) that is valid through the end of July 2018. This coupon is a way to reward early adopters of our new solutions with extra savings.