Research & Analysis


In our opinion, Research is a combination of understanding the critical issues of any problem or objective and attempting to use experience, skills and knowledge to attempt to identify new or informative means of rationalizing or understanding the issue or problem. It is from this process that research becomes useful and capable of being deployed in a number of ways to further success.

Our experience in software development, professional consulting, development and deployment of thousands of trading strategies and over 30 years experience working with and overcoming business concerns have taught us that sometimes the best path to success is not the easiest. It has also taught us that simple research and identifying key elements of any process, function or analytical component can play a very important role in understanding the final outcome.

Experience Matters

Since before 1985, Brad Matheny has been actively engaged in developing computer software solutions for business enterprises and individuals as well as has developed one fo the first Artificially Intelligent Japanese Candlestick interpretative software solutions on the market, The Candlestick Forecaster software series. In the early days, there were no books or tricks to getting things done, you just had to be persistent and dedicated to achieving success. Solutions rarely worked the first, second or twentieth time you tried to achieve some breakthrough - you just had to keep trying to find the proper solution.

It is this level of persistence and dedication that we believe makes a researcher superior to others. One thing we like to keep in mind while developing projects is that success is a result of multipel failures and the will to never quit.

Applied Results

Our research for our own projects is like a quest to develop the ultimate set of analytical and modeling systems. Many of our projects have been developed over decades of learning, experience, refining and adaptation. Our experience in the financial markets and our depth of experience with various types of technical analysis techniques and studies affords us the ability to develop and use anything we can attempt to create for our own needs or our clients needs.

We take every opportunity to assist our clients with accurate and detailed research and analysis whenever possible and to learn from every failure or anomaly. As we tell our clients, don't focus on where it works - focus on where it does not work.

Research Deployed Into Action

Our ability to develop and deploy research and analysis for our clients is delivered through our content sites and through our consulting and software development services. If you want to participate from an entry level, then join or one of our partner sites to learn from our research and apply these techniques. If you want to participate by contracting our developers to assist with your trading strategy or business needs, then we'll dedicate our time to assisting you in developing proper solutions by deploying our research and analysis skills to address your concerns.

Research & Analytics for the Masses.

Recently, we've launched as a means to share our research and anlaysis to the masses throughout the globe. There are only so many hours within a day to write code and dedicate to individual clients. With, we will be able to develop digital content that can reach millions of people and assist them in understanding how the markets work, how to profit from them and how to enact positive, life-changing results from our work. This is truly a massive project for all that want to participate.

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