Matheny Enterprises Solution Examples

Computer Services Company

Over the course of many years, I was able to develop multiple large scale client contracts for services & support. I was also able to develop supplier relationships and distribution solutions to support the core business. Over the course of many years, I was able to achieve substantial revenue growth and opportunities.

International Software Company

Over the course of many years, I was able to assist in developing marketing and sales channels, international distribution channels, developed and deployed branding solutions and developed annual sales to well over $2 million.

Computer Distribution Company

Over the course of a 12 months, I was able to assist this firm in achieving a 2000% increase in revenues while securing multiple development/distribution contracts. I developed a specialized "add-on" service that allowed this company to continue their distribution business while builing additional sales with this "add-on" service.

Specialty Manufacturing Company

I started out by assiting them with general business development and planning. Recently, I have just completed the development and deployment of an advanced technology solution that will assist them in developing greater opportunity and creating greater efficiency in their business operations. This new technology streamlines their client services/invoicing solution and creates IP that allows them to save hundreds of hours annually while increasing their abilities to expand and grow.

Specialty Technology Startup

I was hired to assist them with technology, training and planning. Very quickly, I learned that I had advanced skills to assit the development team in understanding their client's needs and desires. Eventually, as the owner/founder and I continued discussing opportunities and planning, I developed an educational and onboarding platform that allowed the company to achieve a 2400% increase in client retention and revenues in less than 6 months.

Specialty Data Mining Startup

I was hired as V.P. of Sales to assist this company with development of their product and placement within the market. My objectives were simple, find a delivery solution that would allow the clients to understand and perceive value from the use of this product as well as to identify and develop a monetization plan that would allow the company to achieve growth and revenue success. Over the course of 6 months, I completed multiple evaluations of the product while still in development and developed a "go to market plan" that would allow the company to achieve their objectives within their budget and timelines. The company was eventually taken "private" by the founder after 16+ months of continual development.

Community Services Startup

I have assisted this company for many months to help them achieve their objectives and goals. They operate as a startup with limited funding and their objectives are to develop solutions for people in need of services and support. I have worked with this company to develop a proper business plan, financial projections, technology solutions, key affiliations and more. They are still in the early startup phases, yet they are making progress with technology planning and core partnerships.

Technology Services Company

I have worked with this firm for nearly 12 months to assist them in developing a market and opportunity for their technology. Initially, the founder took the company in a direction that I believed would be a difficult path. We focused on attempting to develop opportunity while on this path and found limited success. Recently, the founder and I developed a revised plan to relaunch the technology product while providing greater opportunity for long term success. We are executing this plan currently and opportunities continue to land in front of us.

Developing Success

Developing ongoing success is not easy or simple. One of the first objectives of any business is to develop a "value proposition" that sells. If you can't do that, then you are going to have trouble finding your market unless you happen to get lucky. There are no guarantees that your business will be a success. It takes hard work, learning a few tricks and a lot of bending to what you learn from your clients. Opportunity is out there - you can make it a success. We've found that we can find ways to improve your opporutnities and success by deploying simple and effective solutions that work.

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