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Our custom trading algos deliver superior results for traders each and every day. We've created our Live Trades solution to help traders find and execute better trades without having to pay for expensive platforms or data. We run the algos on our systems and you benefit from the trading signals and trigger. Hundreds of trading triggers and signals are available each day for about $2.50 a day.


Hundreds Of Trading Triggers Every Day

Most traders are constantly in search of new trading signals or triggers. Many times traders will rely on news articles or "hot lists" that highlight potential trade triggers. We offer a very cost effective solution for these types of traders by providing access to our LiveTrades service.

What Is Ment Live Trades?

Ment Live Trades is a set proprietary trading and trend directional trading algorithms running on our servers that update in real-time to our web-based delivery solution. These proprietary trading algorithms are managed and maintained by our team of developers and offer two modes of operation; Standard and Rotational. The Standard mode is a true "trading mode" where entry and exit triggers are generated by the trading algo and users can view, evaluate and execute their own trades based on these triggers. The Rotational mode is an "always-in" type of trend following algo that is always either Bullish or Bearish.

What are HOTSHOTS?

Ment Live Trades includes a new feature called HOTSHOTS. This new feature offers traders very quick price reversal triggers with the objective of identifying 2~10+ new trade triggers each week. This specialty algo is designed to identify and trade quick price reversals with an objective of 0.20% to 1.0%+ targets (in some cases even more). Imagine having the Live Trades algos helping you find and execute consistent swing trades while the HOTSHOTS help you identify quick trades (lasting about 3~7+ days on average).

(LiveTrades Signal List Example)

Ment Live Trades runs on select ETFs, US Equities and Futures. All together, these resources include over 100+ trading symbols in two different algo modes - totaling over 200+ potential trading signals every day for members.

(LiveTrades Signal Detail Example)

The LiveTrades signal lists and signal details pages provides traders with a wealth of resources, trading triggers and detailed analysis - including real English text analysis and image markers to show key elements of the setup of each symbol. Imagine having access to hundreds of trading triggers each month for about $2.50 per day?

The combination of these two algo modes provides Ment Live Trades users with hundreds of trading opportunities each week. All you need to do to benefit from LiveTrades is log in and take a look at the most recent trade trigger (which are always listed near the top of each signal list).

Watch the introductory video demonstration to see how powerful this solution really is.

Ment Live Trades includes :

  • HOTSHOTS - Providing traders with short-term price reversal trade triggers.
  • Most Common 3x ETFs - Providing traders with an excellent opportunity for 15 to 45%+ swing trades.
  • Most Common Foreign 3x ETFs - Providing traders with opportunities in foreign market moves.
  • Popular US Equities - Provides traders with signals for many of the most common US Equities
  • Futures - Includes e-Minis, Metals, Grains, Livestock and many others.
  • FOREX Pairs - ADDED SOON! We will add Forex pairs very soon.

Ment Live Trades Subscriptions

Live Trades subscriptions cost about $2.50 per day in most cases. We want to keep our subscribers happy with the quality and quantity of information available, so we are attempting to keep the subscription costs low while we build out the capacity of the LiveTrades servers and algos.

Recent Live Trades Results

Below are just a few examples of some of the success available each week with Live Trades.

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