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  PFP Tour Page #2

The Pattern Forecaster Plus application is unique in the fact that it was one of the first computerized trading tools that actually generated detailed BUY & SELL signals using an artificially intelligent pattern recognition system. Not only does the PFP program draw wonderful charts and graphs, it also includes the capability of identifying over 1000 complex price patterns which are filtered through Western technical indicators. The results are an interactive trading/teaching tool for nearly every investor.

Users have complete control over the Western technical indicators. Users can choose to enable or disable the display of these indicators at any time. Although, the PFP program will use these technical indicators within its analysis at all times. The newest release of the PFP application also includes new PRE-DEFINED technical indicator settings for inexperienced users. This will assist you in quickly learning the trading methods included within the PFP software as well as teach you to trade more effectively using these trading methods. It is simple to use and operate - and it does not require you to be a programmer.

Users can quickly change the internal analysis variables, technical analysis variables and enable or disable the individual trading libraries with a few clicks of the mouse. Users can even change and modify the chart settings to meet their requirements. This allows traders using different styles of investing to use the PFP software to identify trading opportunities in any market trend (short-term or long-term). If the user is a novice, we've provided a "preset" method of adjusting the technical settings and library settings for short-term, intermediate-term and long-term values with a simple click of a button. What could be easier??

Users can also quickly compress any chart to Daily, Weekly or Monthly price data - making it easier to see and review the markets overall trend. As well, speed buttons have been provided to Print and Close any chart.

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I wanted it pretty much as soon as I had a look at it...it does not take long to realize its a money maker, G. McArthur, UK.

This looks great! A.G, Switzerland.


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