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Privacy Policy

All information on and any additional web site run by Matheny Enterprises is for educational and experience purposes only.

Unless you are an active client of Matheny Enterprises or a member of one of our subscription services/memberships, all information provided to you on our web sites is for educational purposes and to provide you with an example of our experiences, skills, capabilities and services.

There is a risk of loss while trading any of the world's financial instruments.

Trading is risky. The risk of loss is substantial and anyone that engages in active trading must understand these risks and concerns. Past results do not guarantee or support future results. Hypotical backtested results do not guarantee future results. The markets can do things, move, collapse or stall in ways that can destroy wealth in seconds. Do not take trading lightly and be aware of the risks.

Memberships and Privacy

We do not share or sell your private information with others. Sometimes, a partner site or other associate of Matheny Enterprises may participate in some joint marketing campaign with us, but we do not share or sell your contact information to anyone - for any price. We protect your data as we want our contact data protected.

Content and Information

Some of our sites include posts originated by "content providers" or outside sources. We do our best to make sure these posts are accurate and free of false claims, yet we are human and can't watch everything all the time. Please use your common sense to protect your PC with malware and virus checkers as well as to fully investigate any sources or links that we may attempt to share with you. We do not guarantee that anything we post will be without error. Again, we are human and we sometimes make mistakes.