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  Introducing AWTS

AWTS E-MINI S&P Automated Trading System for eSignal is pretty much everything any trader needs to build consistent results over the long term.

I believe I've discovered that "one elusive item" that will generate consistent profits month after month.

Getting started with ATWS and eSignal is simple. You need esignal, an Interactive Brokers account setup and funded and we'll help you install the ATWS trading robot and our MTS broker utility, then you're ready to go.

and look at what you get!

An average (past 6 months) of nearly $1200 a month trading only twice per day with 75% OR BETTER accuracy. Sometimes you're done trading before it's time for lunch. Probably like today. The accuracy ratio of the system depends on market dynamics and other factors. There is a risk of trading and you know it - READ MORE.

Your total risk per day trading one contract in the E-Mini S&P is $500 a day at two trades total per day (or better with risk adjustments). And of course if you want to reduce your daily risk, we'll show you how on our private forums, www.tradetank.com.

Trading at AWTS-T2 or AWTS-T3 levels produces even better results. T2 averages about $3000 in profits each month. T3 is currently averaging about $5800+ each month. Of course some months/weeks are are better than others at times.

It's all about consistent profits with limited risk - fully automated in eSignal.

The only thing you have to do is get up in the AM, turn it on and watch it to make sure everything runs properly. It runs on the esignal charts and IT TRADES FOR YOU. It is wise to keep an eye on your "robot" because you don't want it to drop any connections or screw-up. You want to be there when it's trading or at keep constant watch on it.

What is AWTS?
_ A trading system that runs in eSignal (Special Offer) and fires trades to Interactive Brokers. I'll show you how to set it up and use it like I do.

Why are you leasing it to others?
_ I want to help other traders earn a decent living. The value of AWTS varies for each user. Some users are trading large amounts with it, others are not. I'm trying to price my products so that everyone can participate.

What are the risks?
_ This is "trading the E-MINI S&P futures contract". THERE IS A RISK OF FINANCIAL LOSS WHEN TRADING ANY OF THE WORLDS FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS. Each point it moves is worth $50. By default, your risk would be $250 per contract traded for each trade. And yes, you can have multiple bad days in a row (but not often we hope).

_ as a general rule, if your account takes a loss of more than 6~10% at any time, I strongly suggest you STOP TRADING or REDUCE YOUR RISK EXPOSURE BY MORE THAN 60%.

What is required to run it?
_ You have to watch your computer, eSignal and AWTS for errors as it trades. There are many things that can interrupt the robot such as data feed issues and more. If you get up and walk away from your robot, you're temping disaster. You simply need to run the robot each day. If it's done trading for the day, then so are you - go have fun.

What if something goes wrong?
_ This is why you have to WATCH the robot while it runs. If something goes wrong, you reset or reload the robot on the esignal chart and then GO FLAT in your IB account. Then, start over the next day (if you want). Most of the time (98%+), the robot runs perfectly.

Trading is about trying to build consisten returns with minimal drawdown. I believe the best trading system should provide each trader with the confidence to attack each trading day. The markets are an huge opportunity for those willing to play.

AWTS does just that, it gives you an edge, a consistent advantage, even if you are just starting out with 1 contrac in the E-MINI. Over many months/years, it constantly outpaces even MY WILDEST DREAMS. You can even adjust it to be a "scalper" and try to scalp one or two trades a day (or more).

So, as I stated, I believe I've discovered that "one elusive item" that will generate consistent profits month after month. It's not always great every month, but when the market moves it outpaces my wildest dreams. Now you have a chance to use it LIVE and trade with it, every day, live on your eSignal charts.

All you need to do if you want to start now is pick your risk level (T1~U) and pay for your monthly subscription. I'm only offering this on a month-to-month subscription and ONLY ON THE E-MINI S&P (for now). The hardest part of releasing is it pricing it. How valuable do you think it is?

Trading System
System Type
Beginner 1 Contract
Intermediate 2 Contracts
Advanced 3 Contracts

Unlimited Contracts/Symbols
Sample 10 Contract results on the
E-MINI S&P shown


Remember, these results are only the E-MINI S&P. Use your imagination about how many millions of things there are to trade.

It even works on equities, but I suggest you only run it on stocks that move more than $0.50 a day.


I'm Ready. Sign Me Up!



  Leann NT5 for eSignal (NinjaTrader)

Fully-Automated Advanced Trading Model for eSignal & NinjaTrader

Leann is a trading system designed by Jon Sirkin and Brad Matheny. Mr. Sirkin, as the lead designer, directed many of the initial components and requirements of this system. Mr. Matheny added some advanced "adaptive" logic and developed a stop and profit target system for the project.

Leann V5 is a very advanced trading system that can produce as much at 4~8% ROI a week (given certain market conditions). One of the secrets of the Leann system is how it handles trades, targets and stops. When in a good trade, Leann try to maiximize the results. When in a bad trade, Leann attempts to exit quickly with maybe a few targets (if we're lucky).

Leann is fully automated in EFS with NinjaTrader. If you have esignal and NinjaTrader, then you are ready to go. If you would like more information about Leann, please visit www.tradetank.com and review the Leann 5 NT forum.

Like all automated trading systems, you have to understand that Leann is designed to try to find the best opportunities, but not every day will result in gains. Trading every day means you have to be able to manage your account and the results of any system.

It's not only a great day-trading tool, but it's and even better position/swing trading tool. Here are just some of the benefits of using Leann 5 NT with eSignal.

  • Full Auto-Trading with NinjaTrader
  • Designed for the E-MINIs, Forex and Equities
  • Trade conservatively or aggressive with Leann
  • Effective Adaptive Stop System
  • Includes 3 Adaptive Targets, use one or all three
  • Full Support and Training

If you are using eSignal products to trade and trade the E-MINIs, then Leann 5 will improve your bottom line results. You can trade all you want without it, but when you are using it, you'll want to follow it's instructions.

Check out these charts and see for yourself what Leann can do for you

The Leann 5 system is a very simple trading system to understand and use. I love it for the simple fact that it has shown to be very risk tolerant (meaning it shows minimal drawdown) and can hit as high at 80%+ accuracy when the markets trend.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced trader, I'm sure you'll want to know about something that can easily target 2~5+ pts a day.

I'm Ready. Sign Me Up!


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Are you ready to really trade the markets like a pro?

Are you ready to trade once or twice a day?

Are you ready for consistently designed profits in your account?

Are you ready for the most universal trading system ever designed?

Then you need the ATWS Trading System.


I wanted it pretty much as soon as I had a look at it...it does not take long to realize its a money maker, G. McArthur, UK.

This looks great! A.G, Switzerland.


Comments/suggestions : BMatheny@Ment.Com
Disclaimer, there is a risk of loss in trading.
Copyright 1997-2012 Matheny Enterprises Corporation


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