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Business Development

Through years of development, exploration, experience, trial & error and adapting to changing demographics, our team can assist you with your business development by developing clear and effective solutions to grow and manage your business for greater success.
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Programming Services

Over the past 20+ years, we have specialized in the development and deployment of thousands of fully automated Algo trading systems for our clients. Our vast skills and knowledge with regards to advanced system design and order handling provides a clear advantage to our clients.
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Research & Analysis

Keeping up with the changing atmosphere of the global financial markets and overall marketplace is difficult for anyone. Our research and analysis allows you profit from dramatic changes in these markets can be the key to further success & mitigation of losses.
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MENT Live Trades

Our proprietary "adaptive" trading algos run on hundreds of symbols generating "live" signals for our members every day. MENT Live Trades is the solution for skilled traders to find and execute superior opportunities each and every day. Don't miss the next big move.
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EFS-Tools is dedicated to helping algo/automated traders/developers learn to build and execute superior solutions for fully automated trading. Together, as a community, we build and develop advanced trading solutions for all of our community to use and profit from. Become a member today.
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Learning to think, enact and develop greater success if often very difficult for people to understand. It really is a mindset where each and every day one must create new opportunities and foster existing success. We are dedicated to helping individuals learn to develop greater success in their lives at
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Featured Services

Strategic Business Planning & Execution
Over the past few decades, we have watched and experienced the shitfing landscapes of the global business and social marketplace. We believe we have a unique talent in finding and developing revenue and client services solutions for all types of business.
Marketing Solutions
Marketing in the 21st century is not like it was 20~30 years ago. In today's world, one has to react quickly and develop a wide-reaching technique of providing value and service to support business enterprises.
Brand Identity
Brand is something that is built on trust, efficiency and value. Building a brand is difficult, but there are certain steps one can take that assist in developing brands from the very start of doing business.
Programming Services
The primary focus of our business has been technology development in support of business enterprises. We have developed hundreds of applications for clients over the years. Our speciality is the development of fully automated trading strategies for all levels of investment clients.
Algo Trading Systems
Algorithmic Trading Systems are becoming more standard in the investment field and we have the experience to develop and prototype your concepts quickly and easily. In some cases, we can completely develop an Algo for auto-trading within 5~7 days.
Advanced Software Solutions
Our experience is not limited just to Trading software and applications. We have developed solutions for insurance, manufacturing, retail, research, medical and other firms. If you need technology built, let us assist you in getting it done right.

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