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Understanding Membership Levels

We understand it is often difficult to select from a variety of membership options with different products/solutions. We've created this page to assist you in understanding the differences and benefits of each of our membership levels and solutions.

First, let's go over the products/subscriptions we are offering to you : is a "success solution" community for new and active traders/investors as well as anyone who wants to learn the skills and resources the TradeTank team can share with them. Our team of professional traders, investors, tax professionals, business owners and young enterpreneurs are here to assist you in developing the skills you will need to find, create and execute future success. A portion of your subscription fees to are dedicated to developing new business/success solutions for all TradeTank members.

If you are new to trading, investing, starting/operating a business and want to find ways to improve your skills and future success, then is an excellent means for you to join a community of like-minded people wanting to accelerate their potential future success strategies.

MENT Live Trades is a "trading signal solutions platform" for active and skilled traders. It consists of algo-generated trading signals for hundreds of ETFs, Equities, Futures and other symbols based on our proprietary algo modeling/trading systems. All of the signals are based on Daily (End-Of-Day) trading signals and subscribers are provided access to two different algo modeling systems (Standard and Rotational).

The purpose of MENT Live Trades is to deliver trading signals to active and skilled traders so they can make their own decisions from these reported signals and execute their own style of trading while relying on our algos for "trigger events/signals". Our algos are not profitable all of the time and skilled traders will be able to follow these signals/triggers and execute trades they agree with and that suit their risk parameters. MENT Live Trades is not the type of solution that should be used by novice traders or investors. This is something that requires additional skill and experience to manage.

Understanding Products & Subscription Lengths

Now that we have gone over the two products we are offing currently, allow us to explain the different membership solutions to you.

Most memberships are offered as Monthly, Quarterly, 6 Month, 12 Month and 24 Month subscriptions. Only the "Combo Specials" exclude the Monthly subscription option because these Combo items include deeper discounts for members that know they want to subscribe for longer periods.

Longer subscription terms provide deeper discounts We are rewarding our subscribers by allowing them to select longer subscriptions to their favorite services at greater discounts. For example, the 12 Month subsciptions provide a 23% savings over the Monthly subscriptions. This is a substantial savings if you know you are going to stick with our services for a longer period of time.

Individual vs. Combo Subscriptions We offer Combo subscriptions as a mean to further reward those subscribers that want to subscribe to more than one of our services/solutions. Ideally, as we continue to add new services/products, we will create additionally Combo solutions to continue to provide savings for clients that want to access multiple solutions.

The way to think about the subscription options is somewhat simple, if you are not sure you are going to like our services or products, then select the Monthly or Quarterly subscriptions first. This will give you the opportunity to "try it out" and learn how we support our members and provide value. After a while, if you really like our products and services, then you can upgrade to a longer subscription with a better discount.

MENT Live Trades is in a "pre-release" (Beta) stage and will stay in this mode until August 1st. We are releasing it to early adopters because it has been doing so well and because we want to get some feedback from clients as we expand the scale of this deployment. If you sign up for MENT Live Trades today, you will gain access to the BETA version on July 18th. The Full Release will take place on August 1, 2018. will not be release to the public until August 1, 2018. The site is active and the community (CMS) solution is operational - yet we will not allow members to access these pages until we have secured two more sections of this site (which we expect to complete before August 1, 2018). You can subscribe right now, during our Pre-Launch, and gain access to both LiveTrades and TradeTank (full releases) on August 1st.

Right now, we are in a Pre-Launch (Beta Release) for MENT Live Trades where members can gain access to a BETA version of this solution till the full launch on August 1, 2018. will not become active for subscribers till August 1, 2018 as well. You can subscribe today with the JULYSAVER2018 coupon code to save an additional 10% on your subscription - but this coupon will expire on July 31, 2018 - so take advantage of this extra savings early.

Which Subscription Is Right For You?

Identifying which subscription is the best solution for each individual client is impossible for us to do right now. The best solution for you is to understand your own expectations and capability for staying dedicated to our services and products. Obviously, if you join for a month and only visit our services three to five times, you will not get much from our efforts and you will likely not see any real advantage/value. The real value comes from visiting often, paying attention to what we are attempting to teach you or deliver to you and asking questions when you have them.

If you feel the Monthly or Quarterly subscription rates/lengths are sufficient for you to get started, then we suggest you engage in either of those solutions as a starting point. You can always upgrade later. IF you feel confident that you are going to be able to dedicate more time and energy to our solutions and resources, then subscribe for a longer period for greater savings.

Success Originates From Consistency and Experince We can't promise you the world in 10 days with our services/product. We can't even make a propmise that you will find success every day or week (legally). But we can promise you that we are dedicated to helping you find and execute new success solutions every day and week and will do our best to educate, assist, inform and motivate you to take advantages of the resources and solutions we are providing to you. From there, it will be up to you to pull the trigger and gain experience.

Future Solutions As we have stated above, your subscriptions not only assist us in delivering these existing tools, services and solutions - they assist us in building new and more exciting tools, services and solutions to further our efforts to create new success solutions for our clients. Think of it this way, not only are you helping us to continue to deliver great tools and resources to our members, you are helping us create new and exciting success solutions for all our futures.

If you trade just Futures or Options, then you will probably just want to start with MENT LiveTrades.

If you trade Equities, Futures and/or Options, then you will probably want to start with MENT LiveTrades &

If you are new to trading/investing and don't really know where to start, then you should start with to learn what trading/investing is all about and to learn how to create a successful mind-set before you try MENT Live Trades.

Remember, we are launching these products and services on August 1, 2018. We expect a few "bumps in the road" as we launch - so please understand that we may have some technical difficulties as we get started.

We welcome you to our family and look forward to helping you find and create future successes. If you have any further questions, please email