Our partnership/relationship with the Clockwork Group is that of a solutions provider/technology provider for their trading systems and ongoing joint business operations. Matheny Enterprises and The Clockwork Group have been working together on joint "private" projects for many years and have recently created a working partnership where Matheny Enterprises will act as a global agent/manager with The Clockwork Group in an effort to continue to achieve greater success. The Clockwork Group has developed some of the best futures, equities and crypto trading systems on the planet and consistently score as the TOP or TOP 3 trading systems on the planet at Futures Truth. This is an incredible opportunity for skilled traders to learn how to take advantage of expertly timed, highly accurate, algo-trading signals through our partnership with The Clockwork Group.

We deliver these incredible trading signals through our relationship with and through private contracts we have with a number of fund management firms. The algos that are running on are not the entire scope of the technology that we can deploy for firms. The Clockwork group has dozens of trading strategies running at any given time. We are simply acting as the agent, using to deliver these signals, and assisting the Clockwork Group in achieving their future objectives.


Trading Systems

Our partnership with the Clockwork Group consists of series of technology solutions to support our retail and private deployment objectives as well as the continued operational and management objectives to fulfill our current and future contracts with private fund managers. The total capacity of proven trading systems available from The Clockwork Group consists of over 50+ unique solutions. Our objective is to assist in making retail solutions available for active traders and to assist private fund managers in delpoying these strategies for increased success.

Expertly Timed Signals

The primary ability of all Clockwork trading strategies is the ability to expertly time the entry and exit points for trades across thousands of potential trading signals. It is this unique abilty that sets the Clockwork Group's success far ahead of many other trading algo or trading systems. Being able to time entries so that future success is an almost certainty while containing risks means traders can achieve incredible success over short periods of time.

Incredible Success Story

The success of the Clockwork Group and its founder, Jamie Marx, is a story of incredible persistence, struggle and dedication. These strategies did not come from hapenstance and luck. They are the result of years of dedication, technology development and a keen eye in spotting the details of price action and opporutnity. The team at Clockwork Group continue to develop and deploy new strategies for all levels of skilled traders.