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  Matheny Entprises Testimonials


Hi Brad,

Your PFP Ver.2 that I bought late last year really help me in determining the direction of the trend. There is no way that I can ignore your software prior to making my trades.

After numerous repetitive back test I finally have 100% confident and rolled out my dice in the begining of this year. Let me disclose what I made in the past months by utilizing your PFP Ver.2, I meant by using your utilizing PFP Ver.2, Yes, Ver.2....helps me made a good chunk of money out of this roller coaster market and will continue to help me grab more dumb money out of the options market.

I understand that there are slippage and overprice while playing OEX, but it is worth the risk to play around with it as long as you have risk capital on hand. Here are my scorecard at this moment:


Jan 17 Feb 12
10 OEW P JUN400 $10.70 10 OEW P JUN400 $26.50 $15,800

Jan 24 Mar 21
80 OXB C APR480 $0.80 80 OXB C APR480 $4.20 $27,200
(It fell to $1.50 the next session)

March 31 April 2
40 OXB C MAY480 $2.30 40 OXB C MAY480 $4.00 $6,800

March 21 April 1
40 OEW P MAY400 $5.80 40 OEW P MAY400 $6.50 $2,800
(It was 8.60bid on March 31 and fell to 4.00 as of April 2)

April 1 April 2
40 OXB C APR480 $0.40 40 OXB C APR480 1.10 $2,800

At present I still have 100 ZJU Call Jan5 $0.55, its bid today is $1.25 and I have not lost a penny in my options trading since I bought your PFP Ver.2 software. As long as you have patience and a clear mind not to rush over to buy and just wait for your good opportunity with the help of your software, you are sure to have your job well done.

I strongly recommend PFP Ver.2 for all type of traders. Initial investment for the software sounds a bit more but it worths every pennies you spent after you made your profit. If you want to make good money just follow the way they explain in the analysis and you'll be on the track to scoop up the money from the market as much as you want!!! No doubt about it.

Brad, keep up the good works. Besides, I should mention about your courteous, friendly swift services without hassles at all. Your name should be in Genius Hall of Fame.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Take care,

S. Li

Just a word to let you know I have been running PFP 1.0x for a couple of months or so now. I have found it to be very useful indeed. Running the Program on a daily basis my Trades have improved greatly. The interpretative analysis feature is a very large part of the improvement, and when I ally this to Bollinger, MACD, Stochastics etc. the predictive accuracy is very high and profitable of course! So thanks for the Program, and long may you continue with your efforts to take it further forward still.

P. Bond


I recently purchased the Pattern Forecaster Plus version 1.03. I love the program, very impressed. I downloaded it and have been using it for a few days waiting for the CD to arrive in the mail. .....Thanks again for such a great program. I will be watching for the CD in the mail and for your e-mail.

Bill Hudson.

Hi Brad,

May I express my gratitude for your kind attention and swift response in regards of your service. I really enjoy your marvelous PFP software that has enriched my trading experience. Keep on the good works. Bravo!!

I have spent more time in getting use of the program than staying with my wife and grown up boys ever since I bought your PFP 2.0 software.(just kidding!) I love your software for sure.

Respectfully yours,

S. Li

Guess it was a "dark cloud" it sure spooked the bulls, (whom I suspect were pyramiding all the way up). Nearest significant support is around 1700. Ouch !!

I sold CCZ2 on the open on Friday, on the strength of my extreme top-picker model, and was delighted to see the 'dark cloud' appear on PFP's analysis. I was a wee bit concerned when I looked closely and found that the open Fri, was the 'same as' the high of Thursday, but the higher high on Friday made the case for a viable reversal.

I've learned more patterns in one week with PFP lite than a whole year of reading. Working with real charts is a much more effective way to learn.

D. France 09/03/2002

your program is great and works well W. Scheltens 02/28/2002

Dear Brad-I have been searching for some time for software that would help in my candle recognition and understanding. I'm glad I stumbled on your web site as your software is exactly what I have been after.You were kind enough to give me your time on the phone before I bought and hence I had no problems in installing it and using all the options. The summary of each candlestick and its relationship to its surrounding candles is of immense value.I have made money on the FTSE with it and my candle reading and understanding has improved enormously.I particularly like the ability to compress three days of data into one candlestick.It means not having to read a weekly which is too slow for me and hence this ability breaks it into half weeks.It also cuts out market noise and I use it together with the daily in making all my FTSE option trades.Keep up the good work.I highly recommend the software to all novice candlestick beginners and also the more advanced.Thanks also Brad for being kind enough to talk with me at length prior to buying.I'm sorry it had to be midnight your time as I thought it was a more reasonable hour as it was 7.00pm my time in Australia!My very best wishes to you GRANT EDWARDS, ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA

Dear Brad,

I have been in the trading business on wall street for the last 20 years. Formerly a managing director of Equities at UBS, i have been using and testing dozens of software products for trading and research. I also write my own trading systems using the Omega platform. I am an avid follower of trading approches that have held up over many years. For that reason I focus mostly on Elliotwave Theory and Candlestick Charting. I look to scan about 500 stocks a day using both of these methods and have been looking for a way to follow so many securities in an efficient method. When I came across the PatternForecaster Plus product I was very impressed with its capabilites and its efficient method of scanning through my list of 500 names in a matter of 30 seconds. It not only screens for the more famous patterns in Candlestick Setups but I have found many of the unique patterns you offer very profitable in my trading. I combine western analysis with the candlestick setups and so Pattern Forecaster Plus allows me to apply both methods in one product. I am used to spending thousands of dollars for a software product so when I saw your product is only a fraction of the other products I was skeptical that it could be as powerful as others..boy was I wrong. I think PatternForecaster Plus offers me the biggest bang for the buck of any software product I have ever used..not to mention the fact that it is also the most profitable and consistent in its returns. I scan for both bullish and bearish patterns and run a portfolio that includes both. My hedge fund that I have set up now dedicates almost 50% of its capital to the candlestick approach..Keep up the good work!


N. Thalheim
Mgr Thalheim Funds

Hi Brad! Happy New Year! I am writing to tell you how much I love the program you wrote, PFP 1.01. I use it with TradeStation 2000i to give me a complete analysis of the direction a particular stock may take. It has become invaluable to me. I use it everyday. More often than not, it is right on the money. I have also come to appreciate the use of the Japanese Candlestick charts. I have switched everything over to that mode. You were correct when you suggested learning as much as possible about this. I would highly recommend your program to others interested in trading on their own. I have sent several people to your web site to look at the demos and hopefully they have purchased your program.

E Caruth 01/09/01
I enjoy the program trememdously.

J. Dniccu 12-13-00
Thank you...by the way I love your program!

CKThompson 10-27-99

Firstly let me say your PFP package is very impressive at the price..a great effort. Its been 180 wrong a couple of times, but that's trading!

Jeremy, Malaysia 10-27-99

What are you doing working on a Sunday ? I love this. First time I have ever had software support over a weekend ! Great stuff !

A.P. 10-10-99

Hi Brad - Thanks very much for all your help with my candlestick forecaster. It is now working just great. Thanks again for everything Brad -- send me a new catalogue if you have one available. I am looking at getting Supercharts realtime soon . Your programme is by far the best and I continue to point this out to other traders. Cheers for now.

R. M. 10-08-99

Cool. I have one of Nison's books now, so it's getting more interesting.

JS 9-27-99

Dear Brad,
I am using the TradeStation PFP and it's fantastic though I still have to find out the best time frame to trade as I am using it for Intraday charts, and especially on the 120 and 60 minute charts the signals are marvelous.

P.A. Europe 9-23-99

Thanks for calling me back last night. I said last night my weekly SP&500 would not read the entire file from 1957....it would stop at 5/16/97.....well it works now. I am not sure what I did differently but you were right and I was wrong.

E.K. 9-18-99

I must tell you, I am very impressed with the PFP software. It is very powerful, and simple to use. Last week, in paper trading the futures markets, I was successful in nearlly all the trades I took. If it continues this way, I will certainly sign up!

J.T. 9-7-98

I have been using the pattern forecaster and its predecessors for 4 years now and they have really helped me improve my timing decisions in Asian markets. I have saved money and embarassment and I no longer trade without it!

C.G. 6-21-98
CIO of a major Asian institutional investor

I looked at your program and so far it works pretty well and I like it a lot.

T.W. 6-16-98

Everything is working like a charm. Your program is the best and works especially well with TechTools.

D.S. 6-16-98

I rely heavily on it in my trading.

P.R. 6-14-98

Your new version has made an order of magnitude improvement in chart loading time: about 30 seconds vs. 6 minutes for the csco chart.

L.E. 6-12-98

Congratulation to your new release of PFP, also thanks for inspiration on hitting the jackpot at "KTEL". Good weekend.

Dona 6-10-98

Hey great stuff!! Love it to bits. You seem an absolute wiz at programming. I am very impressed with the speed of scanning.
Portfolio so far seems great to me.
I must say you are making your software very attractive in price and in architecture.
So far a very useful learning tool and analysis of the current status of a symbol.

P.C. 6-10-98





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I wanted it pretty much as soon as I had a look at it...it does not take long to realize its a money maker, G. McArthur, UK.

This looks great! A.G, Switzerland.


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