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For over 35 years, Brad Matheny has been developing custom software solutions, retail software applications, trading systems and financial modeling systems for clients and other professionals. Over the years, Mr. Matheny has become very skilled at understanding advanced technical analysis, price patterns, market fundamentals and more. As a way to deliver his custom research and analysis, he created and MENT Live Trades to allow anyone wanting more detailed information about the global stock/commodity markets to have instant access to his most recent analysis. Every week, Mr. Matheny provides details that are unavailable from any other source - custom research, custom insights, a detailed video review and access to proprietary modeling systems and Hotlists. If you have any assets invested in the markets or are trying to better manage your retirement assets, then you will benefit from his research.


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What You Get?

With your membership, you get instant access to the tools and research that will allow you to better manage, grow and protect your assets. You will also learn to take advantage of technical and trend setups that many people simply ignore. This service is designed to help average and advanced traders improve their skills and abilities to grow and manage their wealth more efficiently.

What Is The Process?

The process of learning to use or Live Trades is simple. First, you need to spend a few weeks reading and following my research/posts. Then, as you become more aligned with the information I share, you will become better able to take advantage of the opportunities that are present in the markets each week/month. The objecive of my services is to help you plan for risks and opportunities while help you become more efficient at managing and protecting your assets. Over time, you will become very skilled at understanding my research and adapting it to your lifestyle/desires.

Technical Analysis

The type of technical analysis I use and share with members is focused around global market Super Cycles, Advanced Technical Analysis (Fibonacci, GANN, Price Patterns and proprietary modeling sytems) as well as my own insights. I cover dozens of major market indexes and commodities every week to help you stay ahead of the biggest trends. If you can dedicate 30 to 45 minutes every week reading my comments, you'll stay better informed and learn to protect and grow your wealth over time.

Hotlists & Scanners

In early 2021, I introduced the TTScanner Hotlist to compliment the other research I deliver every week. This new Hotlist allows more skilled traders to take Discretionary trades that align with my longer term price modeling systems - providing greater opportunities for growth and success. These extra value features, on top of the detailed weekly research/content I provide, allows my subscribers to engage in growing their wealth at any level they desire - simple/easy, more active/engaged, or Daily Active Trader.

Who Are Our Customers?

My clients come from all levels of success. It all started because I have 20 to 30+ people contacting me every time the markets make a big move - wanting to know "what's going to happen next". They all know I develop specialized trading systems, price modeling systems and AI systems and know I follow the markets Daily. So I started to deliver my research/analysis in a way where I can share it with thousands of people instantly. The problem most people have is they don't really follow the markets until something big and dangerous happens - by then it is sometimes too late to protect assets. I want to help people learn to more actively engage and protect their assets to help them GROW their wealth over time. The way to do that is to have someone help you understand what is happening in the global markets, credit markets, asset markets and more. Ever 5 to 7+ years, major cycle trends take place that present real opportunities for tremendous growth. If you ignore them, you'll get caught on the losing side of these huge opportunities.

Getting Started memberships start at $9.95 per month - very affordable. With that membership, you will start to learn about the global markets, learn to protect your assets and learn to grow your wealth. You, ultimately, are responsible for how you manage your life, wealth, opportunities. All I'm doing is delivering my specialized research and content to you to help you better understand what is happening in the global markets so you can take advantage of these big trends/cycles.

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