MENT LiveTrades Sample Portfolio

This sample portfolio was based on an initial account value of $100,000 with a $20,000 capital reserve (trading only $80,000) and allocated a maximum of 8 open trades at one time. The reason I setup the allocation model this way is because I wanted to allocate a certain amount of capital slots for Rotational Mode trading while allowing the remaining number of slots for Standard Mode trading with Live Trades. Rotation Mode trading is more like trend following swing-trading in Live Trades. Standard Mode trading is quicker, more targeted trading in Live Trades.

(LiveTrades Sample Portfolio)

6 Months Of Trading

Using Live Trades in this manner, the objective was to benefit from the less volatile Standard Mode Trading Algos which generate quicker targeted trades while attempting to profit from the longer term Rotational Mode triggers as well. Ideally, the opportunities presented by Live Trades fall into two catagories - trend trading and targeted trading. This portfolio attempts to capture profits from boths catagories.

(LiveTrades Portfolio Detail)

Symbol Selection

I selected relatively consistent, conservative symbols for this portfolio. Some traders want to target the more volatile trading symbols that generate bigger numbers, but are sometimes generating bigger risk. That is not the objective of long term asset growth. We want consistency. We want lower risk and most consistent triggers.

The Symbols I selected are: ADSK, ALGN, AMAT, CERN, DISH, and INTC.

Trading Modes

In this example, the trading slots are allocated as 5 to 6 slots for Rotational Mode trades and 3 to 5 open Standard Mode trades. In this example, the $20,000 reserve capital can be allocated to additional Standard Mode trade triggers as needed. The portfolio allocated $10,000 per trade slot for a total of 8 slots. Thus, the remaining $20,000 can be deployed as "extra capital" as needed or left in a cash reserve.

Trading Portfolio Results

The results of the Standard Mode trading triggers are impressive, +8.73%, considering these trades are in and out of the market in an average of about 7 to 10 trading days. The other thing to consider is this return on the Standard Mode trades is decreased because we are taking capital away from the account to allocate it for the Rotation Mode trades. If we allocated the full $80,000 just to the Standard Mode trades, the results would have jumped to +13.97% for 6 months. That equates to about 25~35% annually on compounded equity.

The combined Standard & Rotational Mode trading portfolio benefits because a portion of our capital is deployed in longer-term trend-following trades. These are bigger trending price swings that are slower and easier to trade. They often last many weeks or months and can generate 10%, 20%, 30% or more in profits. The results of the combined portfolio is +26.24% over 6 months. Compounded over a year, these results may be in excess of 50% to 60%.

Drawdown was very minimum, only about 3% to 4% and mostly a result of the Rotational Mode trades rolling around after the entry trigger.

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This example portfolio is designed to show you that you can take control of your trading, deploy a safe and effective trading strategy by picking symbols that are consistent and show lower volatiltiy ranges/results, deploying a combined Standard and Rotational model and letting the Live Trades triggers do the work for you. All you have to do is log into the Live Trades system every day to see if new triggers are present for your symbols - that takes less than 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Is it worth your time to generate 30% to 50% ROI annually?

(LiveTrades Signal Detail Example)

Ment Live Trades includes :

  • Weekly Video Content - Provides personal analysis of longer term weekly trends and setups.
  • Weekly Summary Analysis - Provides proprietary charting solutions for a better understanding of the markets.
  • Member Training Videos - Provides member training on how to use and deploy Live Trades trading signals.
  • HOTSHOTS - Providing traders with short-term price reversal trade triggers.
  • Most Common 3x ETFs - Providing traders with an excellent opportunity for 15 to 45%+ swing trades.
  • Most Common 2x ETFs - Providing traders with an excellent opportunity for 10 to 35%+ swing trades.
  • Most Common Foreign 2x & 3x ETFs - Providing traders with opportunities in foreign market moves.
  • Popular US Equities - Provides traders with signals for many of the most common US Equities
  • Futures - Includes e-Minis, Metals, Grains, Livestock and many others.
  • FOREX Pairs - ADDED January 2020! Forex Pairs have been added to Live Trades for FOREX traders.

Ment Live Trades Subscriptions

Live Trades subscriptions cost about $2.50 per day in most cases. We want to keep our subscribers happy with the quality and quantity of information available, so we are attempting to keep the subscription costs low while we build out the capacity of the LiveTrades servers and algos.

Recent Live Trades Results

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