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MENT.COM Technologies creates and innovates specialized trading systems and price modeling systems. Take advantage of our proprietary technology and research to help you manage and grow your wealth. If you have a retirement account, 401k, IRA or trading account, you can learn from our research and trading systems to grow your wealth without stressing about excessive risks or dozens of trades each week.Learn More

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Clear Long-Term Swing Trading Signals & Research

Our 25+ years experience in the financial markets and our experience with technical analysis, software development, advanced research into Super-Cycles and other predictive modeling solutions allows us to deliver results that can't be found anywhere on the planet. We predicted the move in Gold in 2018 and 2019 over 7 months before it happened. We predicted the move in Crude Oil (the collapse) over 5 months before it happened. Now, we are making our research available to you for less than $1 a day.


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Super-Cycles & More

Algo Trade Setups

Img is designed to help inexperienced traders learn to understand and trade the markets by following major price trends and cycles.

- Protect Your Assets

- Learn Global Market Dynamics

- Catch Super-Cycle Trends

- Learn Trading Skills

- Inexpensive

- Perfect For Beginners

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Ment Live Trades provides targeted trading signals and longer-term rotation signals for advanced traders. These algos deliver superior solutions for those people wanting to make their own decisions. Now Including FOREX!

- 3x ETF Signals

- 2x ETF Signals

- Hundreds of Trading Signals

- HOTSHOT Symbol lists and more

- Now Including FOREX

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Learn To Profit From Economic Super-Cycles

Over the past 20+ years, nearly everyone has learned to fear these massive economic super-cycle events. Now, you can learn to prepare for them and profit from them.Learn More