A Brief History

Over the past 30+ years, Brad Matheny has been actively involved in the trading industry as a trader, software developer, consultant, speaker, author and more. In 1989, after 4+ years of trading metals and futures, Mr. Matheny started developing The Candlestick Forecaster (CSF) software series with his partner, Gary Wagner. By 1991, this adaptive interpretive Japanese Candlestick identification application began to win awards and expand across the globe. By 1993, Mr. Matheny and Mr. Wagner were engaged in global speaking conferences, guests on TV and approached to author a new book on Japanese Candlestick Trading techniques by John Wiley & Sons (NY). They also traveled the world supporting their software products and international distributors.

By 1997, their partnership broke up and Mr. Matheny relaunched the CSF software as the Pattern Forecaster Plus. For more than 5 years, he continued to expand the product's features and capabilities for active traders. This allowed Mr. Matheny to honor and support his existing CSF clients as well as to rebrand the product going forward.

In 2000, Mr. Matheny began developing specialized trading solutions for clients in various platforms (eSignal and TradeStation). This new development consulting business started because one of his existing clients wanted to explore trading ideas and asked Mr. Matheny for help. Over the course of many months, Mr. Matheny began taking on other new clients and building various types of fully automated trading systems and price modeling systems.

By this time, Mr. Matheny had gained the experience of almost 2 decades in the industry. He had been exposed and trained by some of the best traders alive in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as the experience gained developing proprietary trading strategies for various clients. He had knowledge and understanding of many various price theories, technical studies and concepts and understood them in real trading terms. Additionally, he had experience in creating "adaptive/learning/AI" models. Thus, he became an incredible resource for clients wanting to develop automated systems or price modeling systems.

Since 2007 or so, Mr. Matheny had dedicated his time and skills toward building specialized proprietary price and predictive modeling systems supporting his own theories related to Fibonacci, price cycles, Tesla's Mechanical Resonance, and other complex organic and price structures (vortex and recycling events). Throughout his research, Mr. Matheny continues to develop incredibly valuable technology to help investors and traders gain a deeper understanding of the global market cycles and trends. Ultimately, these results help people become better traders and achieve greater profits. If you have a retirement account, 401K, trading account or are a skilled broker or investor, we have solutions that can help you increase profits and reduce risks.

Specialized Software Solutions

Our focus over the past 20+ years has been supporting clients with trading system design, implementation and deployment. We focus our development within two major trading platforms : eSignal and TradeStation. We can develop in other trading platforms, but we typically don't like to stray away from the two platforms we know work well for our clients.

Financial Market Research & Trading Signals

We complete quite a bit of global financial market research for our clients - specializing in proprietary modeling systems and advanced automated trading systems. We support our broad market, and Super-Cycle research, so clients can benefit from the biggest price swings and trends. Our Algo Trading Systems run hundreds of symbols to identify strategic trade trigger..
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Economic Super-Cycle Research

One of the most interesting projects we've undertaken over the past 4+ years is the study and understanding of economic super-cycles. These are the massive price cycle rotations (think of the 2000 DOT COM bubble and the 2007-08 Credit Market bubble) that can destroy wealth and opportunity very quickly. We've spent thousands of hours modeling and developing preditive modeling tools to help everyone prepare for these events and to profit from them. Our book, Change Your Thinking - Change Your Future, illustrates just how important these super-cycles are and how we use our specialized software tools to stay ahead of them.
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Automated Trading & Resources

The most skilled traders want fully-automated trading solutions. Many other levels of traders want to learn how we make trading decisions and follow our trading signals. If any of the resources, above, do not meet your immediate needs, please take a look at these additional solutions for more skilled traders.

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