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My research is detailed, very technical, and spans more than 25+ years of experience related to the global financial markets, quantitative modeling systems, and adaptive/AI technology.

Over a few short weeks, you'll learn more about how the markets work and how I can help you efficiently trade the biggest market trends while learning to become a better, more skilled trader.

The deeper I dig into my research, the more I learn. This means I'm able to help you better understand how to profit from the incredible price moves likely to take place over the next 30+ years.

Currently, I'm unlocking price trend and volatility expectations throughout the next two decades - attempting to unlock the underlying price mechanics related to the 80+ year super-cycle that is unfolding.

If you are ready to profit from the incredibly large price swings we are experiencing because of the extreme volatility, subscribe to my services and help me support your future.


Advanced Quantitative Modeling & Research

The core element of all of my research is the MENT Rotational Modeling System (MRM). This adaptive learning model run on the SPY deploys a TOP-LEVEL trend and allocation system for traders/investors to continue profiting from major US market trends.

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MENT.COM Technologies Subscriptions

All of my research, technology, trading systems, and personal analysis is delivered through my subscription services. If you are a new or experienced trader/investor, please consider subscribing to my services so I can help you navigate and profit these big price swings.
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Fully-Automated Trading

Learn how you can deploy CWG Fully-Automated trading systems for success and how easy it is to get started.
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Consulting Services

With more than 25+ years experience developing specialized trading systems, I consult with a number of firms helping them develop, deploy, and improve business operations, strategies, technology, and more.
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