Introducing Sniper AAPL/AXP

Fully Automated Quantitative Trading Strategy for AAPL/AXP

Sniper is a very powerful swing-trading strategy focused strategic date/time opportunities with AAPL/AXP - two of the most liquid stocks traded in the USA.

Sniper is designed to provide excellent, strategically timed, swing-trades for AAPL & AXP - generating consistent results with limited risks.

Over many months/years, the results using Sniper on either AAPL or AXP can be impressive. This is not a day-trading strategy. Sniper only trades about 1 to 2 times a month.

Are you searching for a strategy that can assist you in generating opportunities for your portfolio? Take a minute to consider Sniper and what it can accomplish for you.

Select how you want to trade with Sniper.

  • Secure your system(s), execute end-user license, e-mail copy.
  • Open a futures trading account.
  • if you don't already have one download either MultiCharts 14, NinjaTrader 8 or TradeStation 10 platform on your computer (or, if you prefer, we can help set you up with a secure remote server by one of our agents). Our team installs the strategy on your trading platform or your remote server.
  • Monitor your account as the strategy automatically executes trades.

  • Secure your system(s), execute end-user license, e-mail copy.
  • Open an account at any of our preferred brokerages- Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, TradeStation Securities or Striker Securities.
  • Fund your trading account.
  • Sit back and monitor trading activity. Your account, managed by the broker, will trade our automated strategies.

Sniper Examples

Sniper AAPL

Sniper AXP